How to find out pinout definition RGB to VGA technical support?

How to find out the video pinout definition?
Industrial Monitor Video Connectors:
There are different connectors for old generation industrial monitor, like 4pin, 7pin, 9pin, 14pin, 20pin, 24pin, 25pin, flat cable, 3BNC, 4BNC, YUV, Component etc.

Industrial Monitor Colors:
Most of the color industrial monitor use RGB signals, which include 3elements color Red(R), Green(G), Blue(B). How the RGB works, please check following link:

Monochome also can be produced by RGB.

How does an industrial monitor transmit the video singals?
-The display color was created of R,G,B colors. Hs and Vs control the Signal transmit method,include
RGB Sync (Composite sync)
RGB HV (Separate sync)
YPbPr (Component)

The testing methods to find out the video type of an industrial monitor:
-There are five different signals, R- G- B- H- V, need to be find out,(or there are four signal when in composite sync)

We introduce three ways to find out the RGBHV,

1. Judge by the color of wire.
Normally, R is Red wire, G is green wire, and B is blue wire; Hs is yellow wire, Vs is white wire. Metal case or black wire or shielding wire is GND.

2. Test by multimeter
- set the multimeter in resistance testing,

black wire of multimeter connect to GND, find the three wires which resistance at about 75ohm. They are RGB wires.

- Hs wire testing. please shift the multimeter to Frequency Testing. Connect the black wire of multimeter to GND,use the red wire of multimeter to find out the wire which frequency ranged at 15kHz - 90kHz.

- Vs wire testing. find out the wire which frequency ranged at 20Hz- 120Hz.

3.Test by oscilloscope

- wave form of R,G,B is irregular, the frequency jump and down substantially,similar as follows:

- Hs wave form similar as follows, frequency ranged at 15kHz - 90kHz

- Vs wave form similar as follow, frequency ranged at 20Hz - 120Hz,

For BNC connector, please test the resistance or frequency between the BNC metal casing and BNC core.

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